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Online Profile

Online Personal Leadership Profile3

A multi choice question, self scoring profile that indicates your leadership style according to John Adair's Action Centred Leadership Model. This profile is applicable to all levels of leaders and comes with an action plan. Time taken to complete: 20 minutes approximately.

Online Leadership Style Profile

A multi choice questionnaire which reveals a leader's approach to leading people dependent upon varying situations and the abilities of the individuals being led. Using the four approaches of Controlling/Organising, Training/Coaching, Supportive/Empathetic, and Entrusting/Empowering Styles the model will help to identify how a leader can alter their style to improve overall results. Time taken to complete: 20 minutes approximately.

Online Personal Time Profile

Time is as important a resource as money and people but is the most neglected. The Personal Time Profile helps individuals to understand where they might be going wrong with their time management. It focuses on the five key areas of: Goal setting and Planning, Time Management Principles, Procrastination, Assertiveness, Coping with Stress. The benefit of this profile is that it not only identifies problem areas, but also provides a personal action plan to overcome those problems. It is a complete time management course in less than 30 minutes. Time taken to complete: 25 minutes approximately.

Online Personal Behaviour Profile

Good communication skills are vital to the success of an organisation. The Personal Behaviour Profile helps identify whether a person is aggressive, assertive, accommodating or just avoids confrontation. The profile contains questions which relate to everyday situations thus making it very easy for anyone to complete. The profile is ideal for courses dealing with behaviour, assertiveness, selling, and negotiation skills. Time required for completion: Approximately 20 minutes.

Online Personal Team Style Profile

The Personal Team Style Profile establishes the style of a team member's behaviour and helps a leader to understand the balance of a team as well as the needs of each individual. Successful sports teams make sure that the right person is playing the correct position. Too many forwards in a football team will create gaps in the defence.In the work situation the same principle applies. Too many of one style will create gaps in other areas of the team.The Personal Team Style Profile uses the DISC system originally developed by William Marston Moulton to identify introverted/extroverted as well as task focused/socially focused aspects of a team member's behaviour. The profile is ideal for team building, leadership, selling and negotiation skills courses as well as job interview and selection. Completion Time: Approximately 20 minutes