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Effective Leadership Assessment (5 pack)

Effective Leadership Assessment (5 pack)

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The Effective Leadership Assessment helps in the 360 degree process. The profile is completed by the leader’s reports to reveal their view of their leadership skill. A multi-choice questionnaire which aids in an upward feedback leadership analysis. Use of all three levels of leadership Profiles can give an organisation an in-depth understanding of their organisational leadership style and can identify areas of training need.

Time taken to complete: 20 minutes approximately. 

  • Allows 180 degree analysis of a leader
  • Clarify assumptions between reporting levels
  • Improve leadership performance

    This profile is sold in packs of 5 profiles and with opportunity to receive discounts as the order increases in size. The discounts are as follows:

    • 10% for 5-10 packs
    • 15%  for 11-20 packs
    • 25% for 21-40 packs
    • 30% for 41+ packs

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