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Personal Team Style Profile (5 pack)

Personal Team Style Profile (5 pack)

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The Personal Team Style Profile establishes the style of a team member's behaviour and helps a leader to understand the balance of a team as well as the needs of each individual.

Successful sports teams make sure that the right person is playing the correct position. Too many forwards in a football team will create gaps in the defence. In the work situation the same principle applies. Too many of one style will create gaps in other areas of the team. The Personal Team Style Profile uses the DISC system originally developed by William Marston Moulton to identify introverted/extroverted as well as task focused/socially focused aspects of a team member's behaviour. The profile is ideal for team building, leadership, selling and negotiation skills courses as well as job interview and selection.

Completion Time: Approximately 20 minutes

  • Recognise skills within a team
  • Identify your personal style
  • Discover how to achieve better teamwork

    This profile is sold in packs of 5 profiles and with opportunity to receive discounts as the order increases in size. The discounts are as follows:

    • 10% for 5-10 packs
    • 15%  for 11-20 packs
    • 25% for 21-40 packs
    • 30% for 41+ packs

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